Life is Short, Take Risks

As I get older I realize that, whether you like it or not we start to develop our set ways. We get stuck in our fashion, music and selective group of friends.

I challenge you!!!

Tonight when you sleep, change sides with your partner or sleep with your head facing the footboard if you’re single. When you wake up purposely brush your teeth in the opposite direction than normal. Go to a coffee shop and start conversation with someone outside of your comfort zone (Be safe). On your way to the coffee shop, listen to a different radio station.

When we were young we were open to everyone, we didn’t know what racism was, we didn’t judge others, we tried new things and most importantly we loved to learn. I remember my mother once sat me down and said, “Son, If you are no longer learning, then you are no longer living.”

If you wanted to climb a mountain, quit smoking, quit drinking, join a marathon go on a diet; there isno better time than now!!

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