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End of the line for the Smartphone

With the iPhone 5s due to appear this summer and reports of the iPhone 6 to come out as soon as Christmas, there has been a lot of concern of possible upgrades. Between… Continue reading

Anonymous The Cyber Attack Leaders

If the new battlefield is the cyber world, Anonymous would have to be the world leaders. I would be lying if I didn’t say that I have a little worry in the matter.… Continue reading

Disappointed Apple Fan

I was hooked on the Apple bandwagon with the purchase of my iPOD. Since then, I have purchased almost every product that Apple has to offer. Apple has always prided themselves in creativity… Continue reading

10 Cydia Tweaks worth your while

Below is a collection of tweaks available on the Cydia App (Jailbroken iPhones Only) that I have found very useful and practical. Apple usually gets a lot of their ideas from these third… Continue reading

Internet Waste

In 1992 the world was given the greatest gift of the century, we were given the World Wide Web. What are you doing with it? It is a shame that most teenagers have… Continue reading

What App defines you?

We all have our morning routines with our gadgets rather it is checking the news, checking our Facebook or play angry birds. I noticed that I have downloaded a lot of Apps that… Continue reading

Head to Head with the Giants

Apple, Microsoft, RIM and CISCO. Are they bringing us the best of technology or becoming a hinder? The question came to me as I was watching Youtube earlier. Looking for the newest Jailbreak… Continue reading

To Jailbreak or Not to Jailbreak

Good Morning Followers, I have to wright this blog a little carefully because of the many legal issues surrounding the topic. A lot of people ask me the following: “What is better Android… Continue reading