Breaking News or Breaking Secrets

International News channels are a great form of information for international relations, business or as I am starting to realize; a form of educational how to’s for criminals. I first noticed this with the Oklahoma City bombing then later the September 11 incident and now the Boston Marathon. I understand that the people need to be informed on the issues of our world. Do these news analyst need to give information on how specifically we catch criminals? I bet you if you watch enough CSI and news channels you could become a professional criminal.

We need to draw the line. I understand that the right of press and how I am embarking on the debate of our Constitutional right to be informed. I don’t think if the FBI holds back information on how they track a bomb it will invade my constitutional right. It’s imperative that our government protects its people for that is the government’s ultimate duty.

What do you think? Would this would violate our constitutional right?

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