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Life is Short, Take Risks

As I get older I realize that, whether you like it or not we start to develop our set ways. We get stuck in our fashion, music and selective group of friends. I… Continue reading

Living in Fear

I would like to startby saying; my heart goes out to those who lost loved ones at the Boston Marathon. I hope that the person or persons involved in this incident receive the… Continue reading

Love at First Sight, Just another Fairy Tale!

Any married couple can tell you that marriage is work. You have to put in hard hours of arguing, ignoring and annoying your spouse in order to get the job done. Love being… Continue reading

10 Things to turn your Boy into a Man

1. Fight the Fear – If your kid is scared of the basement, make a game out of it. Create a tactical mission that you plan out together on a piece of paper. The first… Continue reading

Who owns Who

The world is a simple place that we choose to make complicated. I understand that as long as emotions exist the world will have war, hunger and poverty. I also understand that one… Continue reading

The Mans Den

Where can a man complain, argue and discuss their emotions freely without being judged. The barbershop has become a non-existent platform for where men can socialize and receive life counseling. This is due… Continue reading

Worn Out Superhero

I bet you Frank Sinatra or James Dean didn’t have to do the laundry! Times have changed since the fifties and so has the role of a man in his house. A woman… Continue reading

Electronic Kids

The rules in my mom’s house were quite simple. When the street lights turned on it was time to go home. I remember throwing my hands in the air as I had to… Continue reading

Anonymous The Cyber Attack Leaders

If the new battlefield is the cyber world, Anonymous would have to be the world leaders. I would be lying if I didn’t say that I have a little worry in the matter.… Continue reading

Do men need violence?

Are we as men suppose to hunt, gather and strive for alpha superiority? Flipping through the tube, I caught myself watching Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). If you have never heard of the show,… Continue reading

Sweating Love

Everyone has heard of the saying, “Marriage is Work.” With that being said, I think that people get caught complacent in their marriage. I compare my marriage with parenting because these two topics… Continue reading

Corporate Prisoner Rehabilitation

While having an educated conversation with my neighbor we discussed the topic of over populated prisons within the United States. Through our discussion we drew a hypothesis that the reason for the overpopulation… Continue reading

Internet Waste

In 1992 the world was given the greatest gift of the century, we were given the World Wide Web. What are you doing with it? It is a shame that most teenagers have… Continue reading

Social Flower Power

Slacktivism; Have we entered a new age of activism? Tejas Harad had written a wonderful article on Digital Activism. I posted the link below. While reading the article that Tejas wrote, I had to post an article of my… Continue reading

The Childish Executive Dream

Once upon a time I actually believed in the American Dream. I believe that I could be anything I wanted to be when I grew up. As I matured in life’s unforgiving game,… Continue reading

Is Lady Justice really blind?

Something that really bothers me has to be spoken of. The other day I read about a 67-year-old man who was being charged with serial child molestation. Mr. Leinweber was sentenced with a… Continue reading

Run for the BANKS!!!

Cyprus reopened their banks to the public after strict restrictions over the past week. People stormed the banks to pull out what cash they had left in their accounts in fear of government… Continue reading

Was the Gladiator GAY!!!

Everyone knows what the topic of the week is. With all the argument in the Supreme Court, Gay marriage is the headlines of every major news channel. I really don’t want to get… Continue reading


Good Afternoon Followers, With the introduction of smartphones and tablets came a new type of vacation. WORKATION. While speaking to an older colleague of mine we discussed what the government did before cell… Continue reading

Family or 450hp

Good Morning Followers, This post will be very close to my heart because it shaped me to become the man that I am today. Before I get into this post I want to… Continue reading

No sense of Community

Good Morning Followers, I am writing this blog over a conversation that I had with my Grandfather in-law. He is a 90 year old man that has been around the block a time… Continue reading

Real Men

Good Morning Magic Followers,    I was talking to my wonderful wife last night about the role that I play in our household as a loving husband and father. I felt like my… Continue reading