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Breaking News or Breaking Secrets

International News channels are a great form of information for international relations, business or as I am starting to realize; a form of educational how to’s for criminals. I first noticed this with… Continue reading

Living in Fear

I would like to startby saying; my heart goes out to those who lost loved ones at the Boston Marathon. I hope that the person or persons involved in this incident receive the… Continue reading

Noam Chomsky VS Michael Moore

Chomsky and Moore are probably two of the most popular and influential left wings of our lifetime. Noam Chomsky has written many fantastic publications with possible solutions to many of our world issues.… Continue reading

Anonymous The Cyber Attack Leaders

If the new battlefield is the cyber world, Anonymous would have to be the world leaders. I would be lying if I didn’t say that I have a little worry in the matter.… Continue reading

State of Crisis?

What is really going on? As long as I can remember there has always been a conflict in the world. While I sit here writing this, I wonder if there are more conflicts… Continue reading

Skyrocketing prices with an empty wallet

For the last couple of years you hear about what I like to call the great recession. The job market is at an all time low with interest rates practically non-existent. What worries… Continue reading

Bring Back Reaganomics

I know what everyone was automatically thinking, you republican conservative bastard. Hear me out. Everyone hones in on the fact that Reaganomics raised taxes on middle class society to make the rich richer, not exactly.… Continue reading

Assault Rifles

Good Morning Followers, So it is about time that I finally post my opinion on the proposed weapon ban set forth from the Obama administration. I have carefully thought about this for the… Continue reading