End of the line for the Smartphone

With the iPhone 5s due to appear this summer and reports of the iPhone 6 to come out as soon as Christmas, there has been a lot of concern of possible upgrades. Between the two most competitive companies being Samsung and Apple. The phones upgrade per generation has not been that impressive. There have been significant changes between the 3G and 5 and from the first Galaxy to the Galaxy 4, but have the latest generation been that impressive?

Has the loss of Steve Jobs driven Apple to drive for sales instead of leading by innovation?

Other than a larger retina screen and mega pixel upgrade; what are they going to offer? The next generation of Smartphone phones to come out must be revolutionary to maintain the craze. People wait days in line to ensure they are the first to get the sleek toys in their hands. In order to maintain the demand for innovative Smartphone and tablet technology, companies like Apple, Samsung and RIM (Black Berry) must surprise their customers in the near future.