Grammatical Credibility Part 1

It has been brought to my attention from people close to me that my grammar is not really up to par. This is not really a news flash to me, but something that I want… Continue reading

Skyrocketing prices with an empty wallet

For the last couple of years you hear about what I like to call the great recession. The job market is at an all time low with interest rates practically non-existent. What worries… Continue reading

Internet Waste

In 1992 the world was given the greatest gift of the century, we were given the World Wide Web. What are you doing with it? It is a shame that most teenagers have… Continue reading

What App defines you?

We all have our morning routines with our gadgets rather it is checking the news, checking our Facebook or play angry birds. I noticed that I have downloaded a lot of Apps that… Continue reading

Social Flower Power

Slacktivism; Have we entered a new age of activism? Tejas Harad had written a wonderful article on Digital Activism. I posted the link below. While reading the article that Tejas wrote, I had to post an article of my… Continue reading

Bring Back Reaganomics

I know what everyone was automatically thinking, you republican conservative bastard. Hear me out. Everyone hones in on the fact that Reaganomics raised taxes on middle class society to make the rich richer, not exactly.… Continue reading

Head to Head with the Giants

Apple, Microsoft, RIM and CISCO. Are they bringing us the best of technology or becoming a hinder? The question came to me as I was watching Youtube earlier. Looking for the newest Jailbreak… Continue reading

The Childish Executive Dream

Once upon a time I actually believed in the American Dream. I believe that I could be anything I wanted to be when I grew up. As I matured in life’s unforgiving game,… Continue reading

Is Lady Justice really blind?

Something that really bothers me has to be spoken of. The other day I read about a 67-year-old man who was being charged with serial child molestation. Mr. Leinweber was sentenced with a… Continue reading

Run for the BANKS!!!

Cyprus reopened their banks to the public after strict restrictions over the past week. People stormed the banks to pull out what cash they had left in their accounts in fear of government… Continue reading

Was the Gladiator GAY!!!

Everyone knows what the topic of the week is. With all the argument in the Supreme Court, Gay marriage is the headlines of every major news channel. I really don’t want to get… Continue reading


Good Afternoon Followers, With the introduction of smartphones and tablets came a new type of vacation. WORKATION. While speaking to an older colleague of mine we discussed what the government did before cell… Continue reading

Family or 450hp

Good Morning Followers, This post will be very close to my heart because it shaped me to become the man that I am today. Before I get into this post I want to… Continue reading

Broke is Broke

Good Morning Followers, Maybe I should go back to school and retake MACRO Economics. I figure this due to the reasoning that I cannot understand how Cyprus, Greece, Protugal, Spain and Italy are… Continue reading

Social Media Distress

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Facebook use to be a great tool to keep in touch with people that had some distance between you and them. You could watch peoples kids grow up and even post funny… Continue reading

To Jailbreak or Not to Jailbreak

Good Morning Followers, I have to wright this blog a little carefully because of the many legal issues surrounding the topic. A lot of people ask me the following: “What is better Android… Continue reading

No sense of Community

Good Morning Followers, I am writing this blog over a conversation that I had with my Grandfather in-law. He is a 90 year old man that has been around the block a time… Continue reading

Bailouts and Simple Budgeting

Hey Followers, A little uptight on this topic so I will try my best to stay on topic. The government is broke, “There is a news flash.” Who is going to bail out… Continue reading

Managment. Are you doing it right?

Strategy X, Y and Z Hey Followers, Over the years there have been many management theories and styles. There have been theories such as Manager X and Y, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and… Continue reading

Assault Rifles

Good Morning Followers, So it is about time that I finally post my opinion on the proposed weapon ban set forth from the Obama administration. I have carefully thought about this for the… Continue reading

Real Men

Good Morning Magic Followers,    I was talking to my wonderful wife last night about the role that I play in our household as a loving husband and father. I felt like my… Continue reading