Hate Mail

Hate Mail

So, if you’re wondering why there hasn’t been any new posts from me lately it is due to the receipt of a comment someone posted on my blog. I received this comment the following comment:

i think you are annoying and your “don’t reply about gay marriage”…you look VERY GAY to me and the turn a boy into a man–what year are you living in?! Oh wait…..Northern California and the Pacific NW is full of back in the day ignorant men! UGH–no thx..LA and San Diego please! Passagerepentage loveugodbless tj kabbalah matthewshepard madonnalicious (I’m Gay FYI)…you would love my wife to thrift ship–ummm Berkley is not in Portland..wtf..trying to hit on this chic hardcore or what?! GREAT CHEATING FATHER/HUBBY?! omg Straight men annoy th f out of me..especially the coldweather climate ones–lost animals!

I would like to clear up something’s from the start.

First, I didn’t want to write about my thoughts on gay marriage or for that matter anyone else to display their thoughts on the topic, for my blog is not the right platform to discuss such topics that might offend or hurt someone’s feelings. Everyone has the right to live their lives as they see fit as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.

Second, I live in a time period were kids are behind electronics 24/7 which grow into men that cannot even change a car tire. Yes, I do see something wrong with that. I do believe that we are in a time where men and women share household responsibilities and help each other through life’s curve balls.

Third, I posted the following comment on a fashion blog about a women’s fashion and thrift shopping (this is a cut and paste).

You said 1 week ago:

“Great article, You and my wife would get along real well. We live in Europe but when we go home to Berkley she goes on a thrift frenzy.”

I thought the post was interesting and my wife does love thrift stores. If you have read any of my blogs you would know how much I love my wife and kids.

I almost quit writing do to this comment. I realized that I could not stop because of one persons opinion. I would like to say to anyone I have offended, “I am sorry.” I will continue to write unless more of these show up. Have a great day and Sorry again.