Love at First Sight, Just another Fairy Tale!

Any married couple can tell you that marriage is work. You have to put in hard hours of arguing, ignoring and annoying your spouse in order to get the job done. Love being the binding entity that keeps two working hard to maintain a healthy marriage.

Is there such a thing as love at first sight?

I am sorry to burst your pink bubble where world peace is an option but NO. There is such a thing as lust at first site where your eyes, mind and private parts can’t remove that image of being with that person. Lust is a temporary emotion that thrives for along time if the circumstances allow it. The circumstances that make lust last best are the correct distance, time and surroundings involved in meeting. In order to prove the above statement I will explain an example that is opposite. You love your bother or sister right? Most of the times you want to rip their head off for breaking your hot wheels or tearing off the Barbie’s head, although you would die for them. Your brother and sister therefore become a perfect example of a real marriage. Lust however survives because you have separation with meeting times of your choice.

So, how do we fall in love?

Love is something created not found. I believe this depends on the compatibility between two people. If two people have the same or opposite desires that the other person can fulfill, then love is the created. Through the evolving  of the marriage, the compatibility must be maintained in order for the love to last.

Cherish the moments you have with you loved one!

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