Technology Killing the Outdoorsman

Growing up, I always wanted to be a Boy Scout. I wanted to carry a pocketknife, go fishing and camp underneath the stars. Although I never became a Boy Scout, I went fishing all the time and cut myself repeatedly. I owe my skill traits to a role model man who I had in my life, who showed me how to become an outdoorsman.
Ask yourself, “How many Boy Scouts are in your community, how many outdoorsman, and how many adventurous people do I know?”

I’ve realized that the technology age that we have created has made our lives so comfortable that we don’t want to go to the wilderness and experience the cold, rain and the dirt. What happens if this technological age fails us?

How many men do you know that could honestly take care of their family without electricity and gas? How many men can trap animals, clean fish and feed their family? We need to get our boys out there and teach them how to become real men. We are naturally hunters and providers. If you are not a real outdoors man then find a friend to go with. Do this for our future men that will one day lead this country. Do you really have trust in a president that can’t even fish?

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