Noam Chomsky VS Michael Moore

Chomsky and Moore are probably two of the most popular and influential left wings of our lifetime. Noam Chomsky has written many fantastic publications with possible solutions to many of our world issues. Michael Moore has created many films that have reached out and open many closed minds.

So, by now you are probably wondering; what is with the title?

I have never been a Michael Moore fan due to his point finger approach. I think we all know that there are many problems and issues that we face in America. It doesn’t take a genius to point out people and make idiots out of them. Everyone thinks that politics and macroeconomics are hard topics. The truth is that world functions on simple principle where the fittest survive and the weak die off. Centuries ago this principle was based on a persons physical strength and education of their surroundings. Today this principle is based on financial superiority and influence.

Wow, that was hard to figure out!!! (Sarcasm)

Noam Chomsky has written many interesting publications on world economics, politics and linguistics that provided many probable solutions to world issues. To take someone aside and say, “I think we could do…” gets better results than “Hey man, you suck.”

People; we are at a point in our empire that we must start fixing issues. Juggling problems by lowering interest rates, bailing out companies and creating new government programs to drop unemployment is not going to work. Look at yourselves and ask, “What can I do to help?” Start in your communities solving the issues around you. If we expect corporations to have responsibility in their communities we must assume some ourselves.

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