10 Things to turn your Boy into a Man

1. Fight the Fear – If your kid is scared of the basement, make a game out of it. Create a tactical mission that you plan out together on a piece of paper. The first time you attack the basement together with the lights on against the “enemy”. Create a new mission and attack the basement together with the lights off. The third time you will be the command center with a walkie-talkie and your son attacks alone with the lights on. Play this a couple times to kill the fear.

2. Tool time – Take your son to the hardware store to get his first hammer and tape measure. Build a simple project together such as a birdhouse or soapbox car. Do this often because your son needs to develop mechanical skills.

3. Man vs. Wild – A couple of things will fall under this category. Walk your son through how to set up a tent. Show him how to build a campfire. Show your son how to set a snare. Catch a fish and show him out to clean it for eating. Let you son try to navigate to camp with a map and compass and other areas.

4. That is not knife – Take your son to a local store to buy his first pocketknife. Show him the proper technic to whittle a stick.

5. Economic Crunch – Take out some broken toys and repair them together instead of throwing them away. This shows your son how to repair things while showing him the value of fixing what he has.

6. Mechanic – Take the bikes out after winter and run them through a tune up. Show him how to grease the chain and pump the tires. You have to take a ride together afterwards.

7. Sports Junkie – Take your son to a live sports event. This of course is self-explanatory along with the hotdogs and popcorn.

8. Louis and Clark – Create a boat out of wood or from material that you find around the house. Put a figure in the boat and go out to a creek to sail it off. Try to follow the boat as far as you can.

9. Chase me if you can – This you have to do with another father son or wife and other kid. Set two teams and have one team go out in front the other. The team in front takes street chalk and makes arrows at intersections. The team can also try to make a false trail. The second team follows the trails to find the first. The end point should be a picnic or something to that effect.

10. I believe I can fly – Take your son to the airport and look at all the cool airplanes. Go to a the booth and take funny pictures. See who can make the ugliest face.

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