Who owns Who

The world is a simple place that we choose to make complicated. I understand that as long as emotions exist the world will have war, hunger and poverty. I also understand that one must have the ability to say that enough is enough.

I want to have nice things for my family and me. I am willing to work hard to achieve financial success to make these things happen. The question at hand is, at what cost are you willing to do this? We have a system that thrives on us to consume debt, to consume education, to further consume products. We don’t work long hours at the office because we find it thrilling and exciting. We work these long hours in order to have a fighting chance for promotion to pay off large amounts of debt.

I have drawn my line, I refuse to go further and I will begin to make a change. Sit down with your wife (if married) and start discussing on what you really need and what is just for show. Once you have drawn these lines, start to look on how you can sell items or reduce your expenses. Financial freedom is a gift but you have to make sure that you reach it some day. Stacking more and more bills and new devices on top of your already accumulating debt will not free you from it. Don’t chase up when you can make it come down. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

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