The Mans Den

Where can a man complain, argue and discuss their emotions freely without being judged. The barbershop has become a non-existent platform for where men can socialize and receive life counseling. This is due to a lot of different variables that have become prevalent in our ever-evolving society.

For younger generations reading this post not understanding the full spectrum of what I am talking about; let me help you understand. Think of a barbershop as your iPhone face where twitter, facebook, tumbler, linkin and a GQ subscriptions exists in one store.

The best thing that a barbershop has to offer is it’s undefined demographic. Men of all ages sit down and discuss their lives, thoughts and lessons to help the younger generation coup with their current issues. A young man could learn a lot about dating, financing or car buying just by sitting in a barbershop for an hour.
Men, spend the extra time and money once a month at a barbershop to keep a real social platform alive. We owe this to ourselves and to the youth to show them that life exists outside of an app.

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