Electronic Kids

The rules in my mom’s house were quite simple. When the street lights turned on it was time to go home. I remember throwing my hands in the air as I had to quite in the middle of a pickup football or basketball game because the lights came on. Are kids these days just as disappointed as I was?

Noticing my boy’s friends and kids in the neighborhood, I would say NO. Everywhere you turn you see kids on some form of an electronic. Whether you are in the grocery store shopping or at a restaurant eating, you see kids in front of tablets, iPhones or handheld consoles. What is wrong with kids these days? You could not keep me in the house for more than an hour if my life depended on it. The time that I had to stay inside the house, I would wiggle and squirm ripping the house apart. When I sit at a friend’s house drinking coffee I realize their kids are circled around a Nintendo DS.

Where is the creativity, exercise and teasing that we did as kids? What happened to the old saying, “I am gonna take my ball and go home.”The funny thing is; we actually have the audacity to sit back and wonder why today’s youth are obsessive.
I am not trying to say that the way people are raising their kids is wrong for I am not a perfect parent. What I am trying to say is, our kids need to get outside and be kids.

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