Bloggers, The New Rock Stars!!!

Ever thought to yourself, “If I was a musician, I would send a message to world that made a difference.” Don’t you think as bloggers we achieve that? We get to speak our minds, opinions and thoughts to the world that listens to us. Although people don’t scream our names, cry at front row seats, or make millions (THAT WOULD BE NICE); we are able to speak to the masses. I for one have enjoyed the privilege of having a blog and interacting with people who have the same thoughts and opinions I do. I enjoy even more discussing with people who don’t agree with my opinions and ideas. Some bloggers are bigger Rock Stars than others (I am really small, Indie even) but, I find it a great challenge to get my thoughts out to the crowd.

I challenge all of us to go out there on the internet stage and sing your butts off to the world. People love to hear you and will follow by the masses if you have want them too. Thank you WordPress and Blogging for turning me into a Rock Star!!!

If you agree with this, Like the post and take my challenge.