Anonymous The Cyber Attack Leaders

If the new battlefield is the cyber world, Anonymous would have to be the world leaders. I would be lying if I didn’t say that I have a little worry in the matter. One might be afraid of what the North Korean’s are going to do next. I am personally not worried about a physical harm from the Koreans as my fear for my online accounts being hacked or my bank accounts being emptied.

I am not accusing or saying that Anonymous has this type of malicious behavior. What I am saying is that with war, regardless if it is physical or cyber, has collateral damage. I don’t want my bank account to be the one on the short end of the stick if that happens. Israel has taken this threat seriously and described it as a terrorist attack. Anonymous has posted their organizations agenda on YouTube and described it as a war on the unjust. On an earlier post of mine Is Lady Justice really blind, I also mention some of the unjust things that are happen before our eyes.

Concluding, I hope that this strictly stays between Anonymous and their intended targets. I hope that the collateral damage is not severe and innocent hard-working people are not drawn into a conflict that isn’t theirs.

What are your opinions?