U.S.A., Word Cup Contenders?

My legs start to vibrate as the 49,000 fans jump up and down while the players take the field. The Nürnberg Stadium is livelier than ever for this rivalry. Only red and white is visible as flags wave and flares burn. I have been to almost every type of sporting event that is possible and I have never experienced anything quite like this.

On the train to the event the ever stomach churning question came, “Do you think USA will ever be a world contender?” I have lived in Europe now for over 11 years and I can unfortunately tell you the answer to that question is NO. The problem does not lay in the talent and dedication that we have as Americans. The problem lies in the rules and regulations that re held on our youth’s involvement with professional sport programs.

In Germany, Bayern Münich scouts the country for children from the ages of 8 to thirteen to admit into their programs. How this works is simple; kids go to private school that is funded by the team and as soon as there are complete they train. Every year the children must make the cut to stay on the youth team to continue their path to becoming a professional player. Every professional team in Europe recruits their players in this fashion.

How can we compete with that?

Imagine that a really good high school freshman quarter back was drafted by the 49ers and trained for eight years before he ever steps on to the field for the first time.

Are we as a country willing to take this route to compete? I know that the education provided by the teams is top-notch and not comparable with public school. Do you think this would help a lot of young talented youth stay out of trouble? It could; Who knows?

Tell me what you think?