Sweating Love

Everyone has heard of the saying, “Marriage is Work.” With that being said, I think that people get caught complacent in their marriage. I compare my marriage with parenting because these two topics are the two top priorities in my life. While raising your kids, you never settle for less. You always try to improve and nurture your kids to have a better life than you had. In our marriages we should try the same. Our better halves need as much attention as our children do.

In the dating stages, most of us spent hours showing our girlfriend/boyfriend how much they meant to us. Where is the passion in your marriage now? You are in control of that. I understand that we all have jobs, kids and bills to pay. Your spouse deserves your time, work and devotion just like your boss and kids do. A practice that I like to use is to try to make my wife’s day better than the day before. Can I truly achieve this goal? No, but I try every day. The passion doesn’t leave your marriage unless you let it leave.

While being single in the dating world we all had the same goal (Male and Female). The goal that we tried to achieve was to find intimacy with a person that we could love and trust. Now that you’re married, that goal must be as important.

Here is where it gets interesting.

I look at a family like a running motor in a car. If any part of the motor is damaged, it has a direct impact to the overall performance and efficiency of the motor. It is important to have a happy spouse in order to have a happy mother and father. As happy parents our children embrace the happiness that exists in the household. A great example is in your own work environment. When you have a happy and harmonious work environment productivity goes up.

Keep dating your Spouse!!!!