Do men need violence?

Are we as men suppose to hunt, gather and strive for alpha superiority? Flipping through the tube, I caught myself watching Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). If you have never heard of the show, it’s a Mixed Martial Art combat sport that ends in either a knockout or submission. After 10 minutes of watching I wondered to myself if violence is natural to men. Violence has been a part of our culture since the first man took his first step. I would like to believe that we have become an educated and ethical species, but I am afraid that is not the case.

Roman gladiators fought to the death to appease the crowds as we fight in cages for the money. The Romans were constantly in battle to grow there empire as we fight to grow ours. What scares me is the sudden rush I experience while watching UFC. Is this normal? Is this the reason we see so much violence in our communities? So many middle-aged men are committing suicide and acts of violence due to misdirection of a so-called manhood. Maybe this occurs because of misdirected energy.

Men over the decades have moved out from fields to cubicles in offices. The average man cannot hunt, build or survive outside the electrical world that we have created. Although we have moved to this new era, we are still showing violence 24/7 on TV and internet channels. Without violence we would have no TV shows or movies. I am wondering if this is who we really are.

 Can we live without it?