Disappointed Apple Fan

I was hooked on the Apple bandwagon with the purchase of my iPOD. Since then, I have purchased almost every product that Apple has to offer. Apple has always prided themselves in creativity and innovation. Apple has always created products that are stable and reliable with a slick and exquisite external body.

So, up to this point you are probably saying to yourself, “Magic the title does not match the article.” Well, here is my first issue that I have ever had with Apple. With the leak of IOS 7 for the iPAD and iPhone, I quickly realized that Apple’s development process is no different from any other company.

Earlier I posted about 10 Cydia tweaks that are worth your while. Watching the leaked video of IOS 7, I noticed that all the new featurespresented were already available for Jailbroken phones. In other words; Apple took all ideas from young Cydia developers and included them to the NEW IOS 7. There has always been a tweak taken here and there in past updates but, IOS 7 is a complete Cydia rip-off.

I have been a loyal Apple fan for 4 years now and honestly this might be the game changer. Samsung products have been proven to be robust, reliable and open for third party software. I am sadly torn; Why Apple?

What are your thoughts?

Video Leak of IOS 7: http://www.iclarified.com/28873/new-ios-7-concept-features-improved-lockscreen-widgets-mission-control-video

Cydia Tweaks taken:

Intelliscreen X, Lockinfo, Bite SMS, Power Music, SBS Settings, AUXO