State of Crisis?

What is really going on? As long as I can remember there has always been a conflict in the world. While I sit here writing this, I wonder if there are more conflicts now or did I just not know any better as a kid. The world seems as if we are on the verge of WWIII. I wonder if these conflicts will deflate like our monetary system. Our monetary system needs roughly 10 years to reach its bursting point and begins to deflate. Will these conflict bubble burst before it can deflate? I am honestly worried where this will lead before we see some sort of withdrawal of violence. Normally you would hear me say that we need to clean our own backyard first. I think these problems will become ours if we don’t try to get a hold of the wars in the Middle East, threats from North Korea and the ever rising violence within our own country.

Being a business major; I think of the crisis that we had with the banks in 2008. The United States Government did not even know where to begin fixing the economical crisis. Has the world become so chaotic that we don’t even know where to begin? Is it any of our business?

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Tell me what you think we can do?