Corporate Prisoner Rehabilitation

While having an educated conversation with my neighbor we discussed the topic of over populated prisons within the United States. Through our discussion we drew a hypothesis that the reason for the overpopulation was due to the cycling of ex convicts back into the system. Going through the Scientific method of possible reasons for the cycling, we determined that the convicts return to their environments with less than they started with. Prior to conviction the convicts chance of receiving employment was possible. Now with the conviction and probation, their chances of receiving a decent employment are slim to none.

So, what are the convicts left to do?

I have a proposal. What if corporations could get involved in the rehabilitation stage?

Corporations are authorized to come to the penitentiary to offer certifications of training as well as on the job training. If the convicts complete the course and show potential, the convict would be provided with employment and a new apartment. The convict would have to sign a contract to make sure they pay back the cost of the education and set up of the apartment.

So where are the wins?


They would be able to get a reasonable size tax write off.

The corporation would receive a well-groomed employee.


They would have a fresh start in a new environment enabling them to be successful.


The community would be provided with another taxpaying law-abiding citizen.

This is not a complete idea and a lot of specifications would have to be worked out in order for this program to be successful. This was just a though that had run through my brain and I wanted to share it with you?

What do you think?

Do you have any ideas?