Effective Customer Service

We have all had great and not so great customer service in our lifetime. When discussing the term customer service, I am discussing effective customer service not a fake smile and hello. When is the last time you went to buy an item that you had little to no knowledge about? While buying that item, how well did the sales rep inform you about the product you are searching for?

I can tell you that searching for a really good battery-powered drill is not an easy task. I have been and will be remodeling my whole house so I need a very reliable drill. Searching through Amazon and using consumer reviews for months, I still could not decide what the best drill for me was. I went to a very well known hardware store to get another opinion. When I asked for help on the selection, the sales rep walked me through the ABC’s of battery-powered drills. At this point I was more confused than before due to the multiple options that I was not aware of. Noticing this, the sales rep from the store gladly took out the top three power drills in my price range and walked me through the pluses and minuses. One hour later I was walking out of the store with a very good power drill.

That hardware store has earned a new customer. This was a great example of what I like to call effective customer service.

When is the last time you received effective customer service?