Grammatical Creditability Part 2

I have search high and low for tips on how to proofread your writing to give you the best blog possible. While on my conquest I found many tips and tricks that successful writers use to proof their work. Below is a list of tips that I have found useful in checking your work before posting:

1. Read your work over out loud and slow – Can’t really explain why this is a good practice but I find it very useful. I think reading aloud doesn’t give your mind the opportunity to fill in the blanks through habit.

2. Print your work out and highlight the errors – These tip corresponds with the above tip.

3. Look for one type of problem at a time – When looking over your work the first time, check for spelling. The second time looking over your work concentrate on grammar.

4. Read your work backwards – Start reviewing your work from the last sentence and work backwards.

5. Time lets the mind rest – If you can; let there be some time in between your writing and proofing.

I hope the tips and tricks above will help you and me alike. I have always known that grammar was a weakness of mine and hopefully I will now be able to write you credible work. I think now is a good time to walk away from the MAC and take sometime before I review this.