10 Cydia Tweaks worth your while

Below is a collection of tweaks available on the Cydia App (Jailbroken iPhones Only) that I have found very useful and practical. Apple usually gets a lot of their ideas from these third party tweak makers.


10. Lockinfo – Has to be my favorite tweak of all. I hate swiping through my phone and clicking multiple items to do one task. With this tweak you are able from the lockscreen to call your favorite contacts, check your mail, SMS, notifications, ect.


9. Torch NC – A very useful tweak that allows you to use the flash available on your phone as a flashlight. Turn on your lockscreen tap the torch button for flashlight function.


8. NC Settings – Enables you from the lockscreen to accomplish a lot of phone setting options from the lockscreen.


7. Auxo- An interesting tweak that gives you screenshots instead of icons when you pull up your back groud apps.


6. Dreamboard – With a simple one click action allows you to change the complete theme and function of your iPhone. Above is a great picture of what you can accomplish with this tweak.


5. Dock – This is a really nice tweak that allows you to scroll through your favorite apps like a wheel instead of swiping through your phone and folders.


4. Killbackground – A very good tweak that allows you to kill all background apps in one click.


3. Airblue sharing – Allows you to send files via bluetooth to multiple devices such as sending music, pictures and videos to your iphone, iPad or macbook.


2. Swipe Selection – One of the best small tweaks that allows you to move your cursor by swiping the text screen instead of trying to move the magnifying glass around.


1. BiteSMS – This message app is what imessage should be. Allows you to quick reply, call or search through conversation as notification pop up.