Social Flower Power

Slacktivism; Have we entered a new age of activism? Tejas Harad had written a wonderful article on Digital Activism. I posted the link below. While reading the article that Tejas wrote, I had to post an article of my own and give my two cents. When I hear the word activist, I get a sudden flash back of Woodstock and hippies. Has the digital age changed the way that we protest and speak our minds? The latest show of freedom of speech was the recent Supreme Court hearing of proposition 8 and the right for gay couples to marry. While there was a large appearance at the Supreme Court, it was not even comparable to the wide-spread of public opinion shared through Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler and Linked.

Is this digital act of activism or Slacktivism effective as the old way? Although there are likes, reposts and shares; are you really reading and enforcing the message you are reposting? How many people just overlook it while going through their news line on Facebook? Can you really overlook a hunger strike, tree chaining or sit down. One thing is for sure, while I believe both of these forms of freedom of speech is effective, there is definitely two different types of reactions.

What will be the next type of activism?

What do you think?

Is Digital Activism Slacktivism: