Internet Waste

In 1992 the world was given the greatest gift of the century, we were given the World Wide Web. What are you doing with it? It is a shame that most teenagers have the access to the world t learn things from programming to botany but what do they do with it. FACEBOOK, TWITTER and GAME! The other day I was sitting with my eight year old going over a fantastic tool called Google. My son was repeatedly asking questions, like we all do, about the world. I didn’t know the answer to some of the questions so I referred him to the tablet and Google. After showing my son this awesome new door he became enthralled with its capabilities. Since I have shown him this I too know more about our world due to his change from how does too you wont believe that.

I believe the Internet is a fantastic tool where our youth can open their minds and see what the world has to offer. That is of course they are using it for its potential and not using it to socialize with their friends that they can easily go and play with in the garden.

Have your kid’s research something and tell you about it.

What research did your kids tell you about?