Head to Head with the Giants

Apple, Microsoft, RIM and CISCO. Are they bringing us the best of technology or becoming a hinder? The question came to me as I was watching Youtube earlier. Looking for the newest Jailbreak for iPhone 5 6.1.3, I noticed the unbelievable talent of our youth. These young kids in their mid teens can develop innovative software with remarkable stability. Where lies the problem you ask? The problem lies in the corporate giants forcing the mentality of creation. Please don’t get me wrong; Steve Jobs was one of the greatest innovators of our time. The problem lies with the young mind being push to develop someone else’s ideas. These young developers could easily develop the next operating system for a smartphone that would revolutionize the way we communicate, if they had the chance.

If I were a team leader of the research and development, I would host large teenage thinking groups to develop the next best thing. We could reward the participants with scholarships to universities to hone in on their existing skills.

The big issue!!!

Most of the young teenagers find or create ways to get around existing framework to enable these companies products to work a way they do not want to. A great example of this would be a program like double twist. It is a media player that can upload music onto your iPod.

Do you think Apple wants you not to use iTunes?

Of course not, so what can we do?

Hire the young to develop the best and reward them with a future!!