Bring Back Reaganomics

I know what everyone was automatically thinking, you republican conservative bastard. Hear me out. Everyone hones in on the fact that Reaganomics raised taxes on middle class society to make the rich richer, not exactly. What made it so successful was the loop closing on the large corporations. The problem with today’s taxation laws lies in the fine print. Large corporations are able to write off just about anything. A perfect example of this was Starbucks not paying taxes for the last three years, although they earned nearly 600 million in 2011. I think they found a loophole Houston. Although Starbucks is volunteering to pay an extra 15 million, it is still not there yet.  I am not asking the larger corporations to take all the responsibility and pay more to support the country. These corporations just need to pay what they owe.

What could be accomplished with this money?

Lets look at Starbucks since they are on the hook. If Starbucks where to pay the 15 million a year we could intern fund two universities within that budget. Take all the corporations and add them together. We could support an entire state education system.

What is the problem people?

I understand we need to make executives and shareholders happy but, at what cost. I’m tired of our government being broke and taking out on the small guy.

What are your thoughts?