Is Lady Justice really blind?

Something that really bothers me has to be spoken of. The other day I read about a 67-year-old man who was being charged with serial child molestation. Mr. Leinweber was sentenced with a 100,000-dollar bond with a 5-year sentence (Zambo 01-01). WHAT!!!! Lets try it again, 5 year sentence. Nope, still sounds ridiculous.

Lets think back a couple of months ago were a young 26-year-old by the name of Aaron Schwartz was being charged with downloading and distributing copywriten material. Aaron Schwartz was facing 30 to 50 years for his acquisitions (Smith 01-01)!

In comparison, are these charges weighed correctly?

I believe the reason for harsh punishment lies within the prosecuting lawyers that are involved. When you mess with corporate lawyers, you will pay dearly. I was involved in an incident when I was a young boy that involved a school riot. While some people flipped cars and burned couches, the boy who broke the plastic cover of a soda machine (not naming the company) was charged the heaviest. When I say the heaviest, I mean 10 times more than damage that resulted in $50,000. Don’t mess with corporations!!!!

Do you guys think this is fair?

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