Good Afternoon Followers,

With the introduction of smartphones and tablets came a new type of vacation. WORKATION. While speaking to an older colleague of mine we discussed what the government did before cell phones. He went on to explain that when work was completed the day was over. WHAT!!! I receive a minimum of 3 to 4 phone calls a night asking about statuses of projects and what is my course of action for the next day. Thanks to my wonderful Blackberry I am required to answer emails that come to me after work hours. My wife on two occasions almost threw the phone out the window after hearing its wonderful chime. I realized this was starting to become a problem when my next-door neighbor (an executive of the motor industry) was telling me about his wonderful vacation in Italy. He went on to say that when he woke up he went outside with his tablet on the beach and checked his emails from work. REALLY!! When does the madness end? I hear stories like this and then understand why you see so many middle age men committing suicide.

“We Need To Start Drawing The Line”

What do you think?