Family or 450hp

Good Morning Followers,

This post will be very close to my heart because it shaped me to become the man that I am today. Before I get into this post I want to make it very clear that this is not directed to anyone in any way. This post is only an opinion that I have.

Ok, now that is cleared up; let’s get started. I understand with the current economical recession that is currently amoung us is hard to financialy raise a family. It takes a very strong family and mind set to have both parents work in order to support their household.

What I have noticed though in the last 2 years is that this is not the case at hand. Both parents are working 8 to 10 hour days in order to ensure that their lives are full of luxurious materials. After you work a stressful 8 to 10 hours, do you really have the patients to give your kids a 100%? Owning a house so that your kids can play in the yard and be in a good school district is very honorable and respectful. What you need to do as parents to ensure that your children have the best, is a responsibility that you took on as soon as you decided to sleep together. What is not respectable is to work around the clock while your child is in daycare, at home alone, or with a babysitter in order to ensure that you have an Audi A8 or a 60in Flat screen. If someone else is raising your kids, then why did you have them in the first place? I have a lot of colleagues that are in there mid forties that only have cats saying, their careers was more important than having kids for them. Respect! 

A child needs to have a parent to come home too and talk about their day. They want to have someone that cares about how they are feeling today. They need to be held tightly to feel secure. They need kisses and hugs. They need someone to make them feel special. 

I wrote the last 5 sentences to prove the point that we need that as a husband and wife.

If we need as grown adults, what makes you think we don’t need that as kids?