No sense of Community

Good Morning Followers,

I am writing this blog over a conversation that I had with my Grandfather in-law. He is a 90 year old man that has been around the block a time or two. While discussing house renovations, he told me about how the community built each house one by one. At first I was attentive, not thinking of the impact that really held until afterwards. He went on to tell me how the community pitch in as soon as they got off work (referring back to the Real men Post). Later on that night I thought about what our community (which I must say is a very friendly community) would do if I asked them to build me a house from scratch. I think you all know where I am going with this. Although the odds are against you in the above topic, maybe there are some things that can be done in a community to help everyone. Below is a couple of things that I thought of that would help:

1.       Build a large community garden – It is very hard for one person to create and maintain a vegetable garden that is worth producing enough food to subsidize their own house, much less a garden. If you have the community pitch in, (especially the green thumb grannies) you should be able to construct a decent garden that will benefit everyone.

2.       Build a community alternative energy bank – I have looked extensively into alternative energy and plan to do some projects in the near future. The problem is that it is really expensive for one person’s income to support such a task. A rough example of the cost is below:

a.       Solar

           i.      10 x100w solar panels = $1,100

          ii.      Controller = $300

         iii.      Inverter = $300

         iv.      Batteries equal = $600-800

b.      Wind turbine

           i.      2 x500w Turbines = $1,600

          ii.      Controller = $300

         iii.      Inverter = $300

         iv.      Batteries equal = $600-800

Doing that yourself with no extra costs would only provide enough energy to support 2 space heaters maybe for 2/3rds of the day. If we were to build such a project as a community, there would be enough energy to go around. An example of a good community energy project would probably run you close to $50,000, but because of the budget you could get better equipment that would create 10x the amount of energy.  

3.       Build a chicken coop – Chickens produce so many eggs that you can definitely share as a community and have free breakfast.

Be a community, Help each other out

Post some projects that you are doing as a community