Real Men

Good Morning Magic Followers,

   I was talking to my wonderful wife last night about the role that I play in our household as a loving husband and father. I felt like my only role in the household was to fix problems as they occur. If it was a problem with our children, “I had to fix it”, problem with our car “I had to fix it”, problem with money “I had to fix it” etc. There is always a problem to iron out or to fix.

  Later on that night I realized that I was complaining and whining like a little girl. I came to this conclusion with the thought of real men in our early generations. Sure; I am remodeling the house with my own hands and sweat but does that make me a real man? Think of your mean in the early 1940’s. They built their houses with their own bare hands, fixed their own vehicles, worked full time jobs, fixed things around the house, paid the bills and handled all issues around them. They did not come home to Facebook complaining about their lives; NO, they got things done.
I have had a lot of personal challenges in my life that I have conquered without the thoughts of throwing my hands up and quitting. I take my issues like challenges to my MAN HOOD. There is no giving up or disparity, there is only accomplishment. As men we have to protect and guard our families from outside threats. In earlier times, that threat was physical from animals, climate and hunger. These times it is of social outcast, bills, and comfort. These threats are still very real just different in nature.

 To men before me,
“I am sorry for whining like a little boy”