Managment. Are you doing it right?

Strategy X, Y and Z

Hey Followers,

Over the years there have been many management theories and styles. There have been theories such as Manager X and Y, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and Robert Tannenbaum and Warren H. Schmidt management styles and characteristic traits. All of these theories are great and have good basis for anyone to incorporate into their management repertoire but, all management majors know these theories and practices. So, why doesn’t anyone use them? Even though we are in a world of technological advancement growing faster than a tadpole on steroids and have younger CEO’s managing fortune 500 companies than ever, we are still using the same old totalitarian principles. Think about it. I would go as far to say that most bosses still let you know that they are the boss and that their ideas and management style is the best.

We have to have bosses and leaders because of accountability and communication up and down the corporate ladder. I understand these principles and am not arguing these matters. What I am trying to comprehend is that over a period of time my work knowledge base is better than anyone else in my particular job; I become a subject matter expert. As an employee when is the last time you were sat down with your staff in the division in an open forum and discussed on how you can improve your division? When is the last time you sat down and discussed the strategic plan of the company and what your role is in the strategy? When is the last time that you were counseled on the objectives that you need to accomplish in order to receive a good evaluation? There are many things a manager must accomplish in order to ensure that he or she is doing their job correctly.

Management X, Y and Z types are all important and all need to be incorporated into one manager. Think this task might sound impossible? Its not.

Management X

I need to ensure that my staff is at work and doing things that are in alignment with the companies goals.

Management Y

I need to ensure that I care about how my employee feels about themselves and understand their working conditions.

Management Z

I need to ensure that loyalty is pushed into my employees so that team uniformity is built in order to accomplish tasks.

As parents we cannot just manage our children in a certain category as described above. We have to be adaptive and ensure that we receive proper input from below and above to reach our goals as parents. Why can we not do that as mangers?

Example: Teacher says child is not performing to their peak potential in school. (Voice top).

We sit our child down and repeat the conversation that we had with the teacher (Voice down).

Weas parents understanding one of the strategic goals of this company (Parenting), is to ensure that our kids get a good education. What do we do next? Sit the child down and build a constructive plan on how to get optimal efficiency out of our children while, they as employees must understand the problem, strategic goal and plan of action in order to adjust it. If they do not understand these items then we are failing our children to reach the goals. If this sounds like it is on the money; Why can’t we do this to our employees?

Do we do this? Get your employees more involved in planning and strategic alignment. You would be impressed to see what comes out of it.