Assault Rifles

Good Morning Followers,

So it is about time that I finally post my opinion on the proposed weapon ban set forth from the Obama administration. I have carefully thought about this for the last two months and I am prepared to give my two cents on the topic.
I am definitely on the fence with my opinion not knowing really what side to jump too.

Conservative side:
Yes, it is our constitutional right to have a fire arm at home to protect our families from invaders either foreign or domestic. Do I believe in this constitutional right?, “YES.” Everyone can say that they are against owning a firearm and how barbaric it is to own such a thing. The truth of the matter is, we do not live in a pink bubble. There are people who want items that you own and will go to any lengths to ensure that they aquire them. They are also a lot of people who are not stable and want to harm you just because. I would rather have a .40 caliber pistol with a finger print trigger lock in my nightstand to protect my family when a robber comes into my house to steal a T.V. and get startled that we are at home, forcing him to keep my kids hostage than not having a weapon. Having never been put in a situation where my family’s life has been put in danger makes it easy to say, “I do not need a fire arm”. Imagine a scared man holding a gun to your children’s head looking at you with your kids crying in fear. Would you want the fire arm then?

This leads me to my second point. If we have the ban, who will turn in the weapons? The law-abiding citizen will. What about the criminals? I am sure that they will go to their local prescient and turn in their weapons to the authorities, because criminals are known for being law-abiding citizens right!!

Liberal side:
Do you really need an assault rifle with a thirty round clip in order to protect your family? An assault rifle no matter how you look at it is exactly what is says, An Assault Rifle. These weapons were designed to kick down doors and be on the offensive or to provide a blanket of fire to allow movement of other members on your team. Please believe me on this topic because I used them often in combat. A twelve gauge shotgun or .40 caliber hand gun is sufficient to get the desired outcome for protecting your family.
The amount of ammo needed for your weapon should not exceed 10 rounds in my opinion due to a couple of factors I will list. First, in owning a weapon you should be properly trained on how to fire, dismantle and care for the weapon. When properly trained you should need no more than three rounds to take out the objective. Second, if there are more than four assailants trying to enter your home to do harm to your family, you are screwed anyways. Having an assault rifle in a suburban area shooting multiple rounds is sure to strike an innocent bystander, not take out four assailants one by one.